About the Sacred Heart Diet

Many people are curious to know about Sacred Heart Diet. This diet is all about following a strict diet for a week. The body loses several pounds and gets detoxified. Popularly called the Cabbage Soup Diet, Sacred Soup Diet is easy to follow and is quite popular among the weight watchers. It is a healthy way of losing weight as all the necessary nutrients are provided to the body.

Sacred Heart Diet is healthy

The staple food for the soup diet is the Sacred Heart Diet soup which is easy to prepare (Scroll down for the recipe) The Sacred Heart Diet encourages you to eat to your heart’s content without starving your  body. The soup keeps the body full and helps in detoxification. Prepare the soup and store it to suffice for three days. All you need to do is warm it in your microwave and follow the diet religiously to lose that extra pounds.

How to Follow Sacred heart diet

  • On day one you may eat any fruit you like, except bananas. Along with the fruits, have the Sacred Heart Diet soup. You may also drink black coffee, unsweetened juice, black tea and of course, lots of water. Take care not to add milk or sugar to tea and coffee.
  • Day two is for vegetables. Sacred Heart Diet and vegetables should be consumed on the second day of the diet. Eats lots of raw or cooked vegetables. A baked potato with a little butter will be great for dinner.
  • Have vegetables and fruits with Sacred Heart Diet soup on the third day. It is recommended not to have potato on this day. Drink lots of soup and water.
  • On day four, have lots of bananas and Sacred Heart Diet soup. You may also drink skim milk.
  • Have ground beef or steak on day five. If you wish you can also have skinless chicken or fish instead. This will provide proteins. Add tomatoes and soup to the diet.
  • Day six is all about eating meat again. Also include raw or cooked vegetables with the Sacred Heart Diet soup.
  • Consume boiled or steamed brown rice on the seventh day of your diet. Don’t forget a bowl of vegetables and the Sacred Heart Diet soup.
Once you are through with a week’s Sacred Heart Diet then follow a regular balanced diet for sometime.

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